3 tips to tackle last minute Candidate dropouts

Gaurav Chattur

One of the biggest challenges that companies are facing today is the high volume of Candidate dropouts. This has emerged as a common woe for talent acquisition and HR heads who are looking to quickly ramp up existing teams with the best available tech talent in the market.

Every worthy candidate has multiple suitors today, therefore a Candidate dropout can happen at any moment. Companies must be clear and articulate on what value proposition is there for prospective employees. Essentially why does a candidate stand to benefit if he/she joins an organisation.

With hiring showing no signs of slowing down, Talent acquisition teams must find a way to  tackle last minute Candidate dropouts. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind-

1. Attractive Work Content

Candidate dropouts happen because another offer is perceived to be of higher value by the candidate in question. In most cases it has been noticed that this value is monetary. Competing on that dimension alone is neither feasible nor advisable or sustainable. One of the greatest pulls that any organisation can have is the work; superior work content excites all professionals. Good candidates look forward to interesting and challenging assignments.

The pandemic has changed the relationship between workforces and workplaces, and organisations must evolve to reflect these changes. The proposition of working on problems that will enrich their career and provide the perfect next intellectual challenge is bound to be a great hook. By ensuring rich work content for prospective employees, organisations can make way for a purpose led Employee Value Proposition. 

One must not forget- It is a rather poor employer if all they have to offer is money. 

2. Work Culture and Freedom

One of the biggest fears employees have while moving jobs is whether they will fit in the scheme of things in a new environment. A welcoming, inclusive and warm work environment is something every prospective employee looks forward to. 

While a lot of companies talk of a culture, not many can really boast of having one. The pandemic showed us that the right culture is key to survival during turbulent times. It is impossible for any company to create a rich culture overnight. Employees of an organization are mouthpieces for both good and bad culture. So, the cultural signals will invariably reach a potential candidate. 

3. Provide a Seamless Candidate Experience

All conversations that a company has with a candidate before finalising and onboarding can be considered a ‘courtship period’. Consistent behaviour, right messaging, appreciation for the other person and their time are some of the factors that go a very long way in sending the right signal. The candidate experience, whether good or bad, influences candidates in their decision to accept or dropout. Here is where recruiters, talent acquisition teams and interviewers can play a great role in ensuring that the company story is well conveyed, culture is highlighted and corroborated in actions / processes that a candidate undergoes. This ensures a magnetic effect from the very start where the candidate feels an assurance of dealing with a trustworthy and ‘nice’ organisation. 

As organisations across sectors move forward with their Digital Transformation efforts, HR and Talent acquisition teams must act fast when it comes to hiring tech talent. By tackling Candidate dropouts and exhibiting quick speed in recruiting, future looking players can stay one step ahead of their competitors. 

This article originally appeared on https://www.peoplematters.in/

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