Catenon 2021 Hiring Forecast

Gaurav Chattur

2020 has been an extraordinary year!

Immense positives have emerged in the midst of well documented gloom and tragedies. Adoption on new ways of doing business and technology adoption have been embraced wholeheartedly. Organisational lethargy and bureaucracy have been cast aside for once, in the effort to survive and remain relevant in the future. The human spirit has overcome doomsday economic prophecies, as it has always done. With the current fiscal year in undisputed disarray, businesses have clearly focused on forward looking initiatives, which will ensure that the investments made today will be recouped in several multiples, in the mid and long term. These are the tides that will determine the way the hiring waves will continue to break in 2021.

Here is Catenon India’s Hiring forecast by sector highlighting which industries will be upbeat and what skills would be in high demand:

Hiring forecast for 2021

We stand at strange crossroads of time. On one hand we have two successive quarters of economic degrowth which technically puts us in a recession. On the other hand, our stock market is at an unprecedented high seemingly completely out of sync with reality. I believe while the GDP numbers are reality and irrefutable picture of the current state, the bourses right now are a sneak peak into the future. Magic, I think, is the absence of linearity between the cause and effect.

Magic, I believe, is waiting to happen in 2021! 

Authored by Gaurav Chattur | Managing Director APAC| Catenon | Linkedin Profile

Gaurav has extensive experience across Executive Search, Management Consulting and Corporate Strategy.


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