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  • 2 Million+ data points

  • 1600+ Professionals

  • 200+ Senior HR leaders

  • 10+ Industries

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Manufacturing in India Report: Insights into Human Capital & Locations 2020


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A sector wise deep dive into the Indian manufacturing industry based on primary research done with 1600+ mfg and 200+ HR Pros


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All critical data available in one place to be used in frameworks - 2 millions + data points and 10 + industries



10 + years of experience in India. Global reach. 200 + clients. 35+ consultants

Components of the report


Location Intelligence & Developmental Parameters

  • Manufacturing clusters for each industry-sector.

  • Transportation connectivity (airports, railway stations, highways and ports).

  • Developmental parameters and digital networks (broadband & voice).

  • Industry ecosystem, other manufacturing industries and major global companies in the clusters.

  • Workforce Insights & Compensation Intelligence

    • Workforce pyramid and detailed salary data for each function and work level.

    • Local language and digital proficiency.

    • Education insights including STEM and Business/Management education levels.

    • Location satisfaction, willingness to migrate and influencing factors.


Industry Insights

  • Availability of white-collar workforce in each industry, share of on-roll and off-roll employees.

  • Insights on outsourcing blue-collar workforce and availability of various skills and competencies.

  • Average salary increments and training costs.

  • Employee ratings of work environment, location parameters & factors influencing job change.

Industries Covered

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