Market Mapping: A Quick Tool for Competitive Advantage

Gaurav Chattur

“The most dangerous person is the one who listens, thinks and observes” – Bruce Lee

As a sportsman, I have believed understanding your adversary in any sport is paramount to winning. It requires nothing more than detached observation to accomplish this. Business is no different. The importance of understanding the position of other players and calibrating one’s action can provide a lasting competitive advantage. 

For growing businesses, market mapping can be a silver bullet for strategic planning and recruitment. Whether you’re looking to grow into a new geography, or rapidly expand your operations in your existing location, market mapping provides you with the invaluable knowledge and market insight you need to make the right decisions about exactly how to grow your business. You’re one step ahead of the competition – you know who they’re hiring, their top talent, and the types of roles within their organisation. You benchmark recruitment, validate location options for your business and build competitive intelligence all at once.

A quick tool to observe and understand competition is Market Mapping! This involves understanding the competitors by mapping and analyzing talent across all functions, to bring out: 

  • Competitor’s organization structure 
  • Details about key personnel including:
    • Name
    • Designation
    • Location
    • Function / Department
    • Purview / Portfolio
    • Key areas of responsibility (KRAs)
    • Experience
    • Education 
    • Compensation
    • Insights gathered through interviews during the mapping process. E.g. “Our Company is restructuring, and people are restive”, OR “We are launching a new product line”, OR “We are going to cut prices to increase market share”, OR “We will be expanding overseas with a new office in the US”

In Catenon’s experience, our clients have leveraged our market mapping offering to achieve any or all of the following: 

  • Identify gaps in their own organization structure vis-à-vis competition. Also, understand gaps in competitor’s organization
  • Competitor analysis in case of new product line / new geo launch
  • Compensation benchmarking and comparison with internal compensation levels
  • Identify key candidates for hiring from competition 
  • Get critical intel about competitive moves before its news. 
  • Build a foresighted pipeline for key positions by proactively engaging with the candidates.

Let’s take an example of the Sales organization within 3 competitor organizations: 

Organization A: 

  • NSM manages Sales and After Sales
  • All regions are covered for both Sales and After Sales

Organization B: 

  • NSM manages Sales and After Sales
  • No presence in East for Sales or After Sales. Also, After Sales is a centralised team so ability to serve remotely located customers quickly will be limited

Organization C: 

  • Sales Head manages Sales and the After Sales organization is separate. This may make it difficult for the Sales Head to promise After Sales service for customers.
  • All regions are covered for both Sales and After Sales

The one distinct advantage of Market Mapping over other strategic projects, is this can be achieved in a rather short span of time, typically between 4 to 8 weeks. In uncertain times, this allows organizations to become informed and stay nimble simultaneously. Marketing mapping is an essential tool for CEOs and CHROs to declutter their vision of the market. 


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Authored by Gaurav Chattur | Managing Director| Catenon APAC | Linkedin Profile

Gaurav has extensive experience across Executive Search, Management Consulting and Corporate Strategy.


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