Corporate Learning for C-Suite: 5 Skills to Stay Relevant in 2021

The ‘top desired skills’ list is becoming more complicated every year for executive leaders and 2020 was exceptionally challenging. As companies continue to navigate the pandemic-led disruption, expectations from the C-Suite are high in 2021.

Several traditional business roles have changed with the pandemic, forcing organisations to fast pace their digital transformation initiatives. Here’s what Catenon expects to see trending this year in terms of the ‘most wanted’ skills for senior level positions.

1) Integrated Tech Management

Over the last one year, demand has increased most for C-suite hard skills in tech. Additionally, technology ownership is becoming more collaborative in organisations and all C-suite members must come together to drive a successful technology strategy. Today’s digital imperative requires C-suite to appreciate technology and deploy it for efficiency, productivity, or disruption across all functions.

Recruiters, board members, and human resources experts are actively seeking executive talent with a firm grasp on reconfiguring large scale traditional processes. More evolved leaders will be those who can answer how data can be harnessed to improve decision making and drive organisational intelligence.

2) Emotional Intelligence

A few years ago, Elon Musk thanked Tesla owners on Twitter for taking a chance on his cars when experts had concluded that his company wouldn’t work. No matter which industry you are a part of, making your team and clients feel valued should be a top priority for a leader.

With evolved workplace dynamics, varied cultures, ages, demographics and social characteristics can create conflict situations. Corporate leaders must learn to work with, manage and understand mixed teams and their characteristics. CEOs will have to adjust to the greater expectations for EQ created by changed workforce and workplace dynamics.

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