Employee Layoffs and How to keep off the list

The employer-employee relationship is not one-way but reciprocal. How aligned and proactive one is during the lockdown will decide whether one will survive the employee layoffs later.

The lockdown across the world is expected to have a cascading effect on jobs. Though most companies are tight-lipped on employee layoffs to avoid any controversy at the moment, the economic slump will force businesses to squeeze their team strength.

The severity of the axing is still to be estimated, but layoffs will happen. Companies will have to choose between its people — some will be on board when the ship starts sailing again, while some will be off-boarded.

While several factors will decide who all will be on the list, and who all will be struck off, an important aspect will be how an employee is behaving during the lockdown period.

All employees expect empathy, support and an understanding behaviour from their employers during the time of crisis. However, there is a reciprocal expectation from the employers as well. Any employee who stands by his/her company during the downfall period, will be beneficial in the near future.

Zairus Master, CEO, Shine.com, says, “Organisations always wish to retain employees who are aligned with the company’s ethos and are proactive. Employees who remain cocooned in their respective shells tend to get outdated after some point of time. Hence, employees shouldn’t restrict themselves to their KRA and their 9 to 5 jobs. Rather, they should see to it that their job roles fulfil the company’s requirements too.”

Gaurav Chattur, MD, APAC, Catenon, opines, “Employers will evaluate whether employees are performing critical or non-critical roles; whether their existing skills can be deployed in other roles or not; or whether the skills they possess are easily available or not. At such time companies tend to evaluate and consider whether some other resource can run the ball in one’s absence or not.”

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