Predictions for 2021

Moneycontrol asks CEOs and analysts how 2021 looks for industry following 2020’s Great Reset..…and here’s what the hiring predictions for 2021 look like


India’s automobile sector is emerging out of COVID-19 headwinds and continuing on its path to becoming the world’s third-largest automobile market. The positive agri economy as well as rising adoption of personal mobility and growth in the used car market is driving passenger category demand. The impending implementation of a scrappage policy is expected to bolster the growth in FY22, especially in truck and bus segment which has been the most hit. FY22 outlook is exciting, where transformed business models like digitisation in dealership models and increased penetration of alternative-energy vehicles will gain prominence along with restoration of normalcy.

Anant Goenka



The year 2020 has on one hand presented unprecedented challenges and on the other hand has also been transformational in many ways. Our core focus was on innovation and consumer centricity as we catered to the needs of our discerning consumers with several new launches in a span of nine months including immunity-boosting products. Taking cognizance of consumers’ increased focus towards healthy foods, immunity-boosting and hygiene products, while also seeking trusted brands with superior quality, we aim to continue leveraging our product development & digital capabilities and exploring new avenues for growth in these segments.

Pawan Agrawal

CFO Marico


For the hospitality ecosystem, the upshots due to COVID-19 remain strong owning low Y-o-Y occupancy (~60% in India); however early signs of recovery are visible with occupancy % improving M-o-M by around 10-12%; leisure destinations like Goa, Jaipur, Mussoorie, Mahabaleshwar etc. are also running high occupancy on weekends and holidays (60-70%). There is a dilemma between willingness to travel and not knowing if it’s safe apart from emphasis on cleanliness, contactless transactions. Re-strategizing and reinvention with accelerated adoption of technology and automation is the key to allure the customers back.

Rajat Mahajan

Partner Deloitte India


My expectation is that the film industry releases as many movies as possible. In 2018, USD 42 billion was the total box office generated from cinemas all over the world, out of which USD 21 billion went back to studios. And I don’t think that money can be replaced by subscription revenues on over the top (OTT) platforms. As for PVR, time is such that we will have to closely look at capital allocation. We will look at cost control. We want to add screens next year. We still could add about 40-50 screens in 2021.

Ajay Bijli

Chairman PVR


Hiring in 2021 will be for forward looking roles that subscribe to new ways of doing business i.e. digital and remote. Old economy roles may not be replaced at all. Many businesses will invest in talent for digital marketing & branding, cloud, cyber security, automation, and ecommerce. We expect consumer goods, logistics & supply chain, automotive (especially electric vehicles), healthcare & life sciences and food to be the big drivers in hiring. Demand will outpace the supply.

Gaurav Chattur

MD-APAC Catenon

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