When it comes to generating demand for top talent in e-Commerce, Delhi and Bengaluru emerge: Report

Mumbai: Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai have emerged as the demand hot spots according to Catenon India’s Decoding Talent in E-commerce Report.

The report is based on a survey of 5,000 employees from e-commerce and traditional industries working in over 100 roles. It also took input from over 25 e-commerce players.

Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai emerge as the demand hot spots, accounting for 53% of the total demand on an average, when it comes to generating demand for top talent in e-Commerce, as per Catenon India ‘Decoding Talent in E-commerce Report 2021’.

Indore, Kochi and Coimbatore are also coming up as the new recruitment frontiers for the platform.

Catenon is a tech-based multinational company specialising in data-driven global executive search services, talent intelligence and consulting.

“As e-commerce moves to the centre of even traditional businesses, a large number of companies are starting to compete for experienced executives to build and grow their online verticals. Our report helps in understanding the various roles and their supply-demand dynamics that are driving the e-Commerce industry’s labour market today,” Catenon APAC Managing Director Gaurav Chattur said.

The coronavirus pandemic has unimaginably pivoted the growth of e-commerce as ‘staying in’ became the new ‘going out’, he said.

“Needless to say, this boom will lead to the need for an adequately equipped workforce that organisations need to start building upon,” he added.

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