Head NGO Fundraising

Industry / Sector / Domain




Experience Range

8-12 years

Company Profile

A leading healthcare crowdfunding platform

Job Profile

  • Build and source work-streams such as NGOs, foundation, multi-laterals, alumni, government etc. 
  • Design and execute deep engagement strategy with key relationships to ensure renewals, upgrades and meaningful partnerships
  • Partner with the Director in leveraging the rich ecosystem towards building a pipeline of funders.
  • Manage systems and processes that support development objectives and comply with regulatory laws and MoU commitments.
  • Lead and manage strategic partnerships with various NGOs’ to organize fundraising campaigns and events.
  • Handle external and internal communications and facilitate legal agreements with partners as needed
  • Organize events/conferences/seminars/concerts/charity fundraising events etc. to promote fundraising for partners
  • Thorough due diligence on partners to make sure they are compliant with existing laws and have strong track records; and on individuals creating personal cause campaigns to verify need and use of funds.
  • Assist partners to identify influential campaign creators or to create campaigns themselves
  • Liaise with the digital marketing team to make sure each fundraising campaign achieves larger success. 
  • Ensuring that all donors are sent feedback reports on timely basis and that partners provide high quality feedback reports
  • Develop a pipeline of campaigns that have large scale impact and work with partners to execute those

Candidate Profile

  • Graduate/Post graduate in any field with 4+ years of work experience mandatorily in a healthcare NGO.
  • Ability to evaluate partnerships and collaboration opportunities in the city / region from a development and a larger NGO/Foundation lens.
  • Proficient user of the MS Office toolkit such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word
  • Excellent communication (written and verbal) and presentation skills
  • Strong project management skills including assessing progress to goals and making the necessary course corrections or reinforcements
  • Ability to use data to drive decisions
  • An inclination or the ability to see connections between seemingly disparate opportunities (internal or external to the team or the organization) and leverage the same to achieve shared goals
  • Ability to work in an unstructured environment and develop strategy independently – with the newer work-streams, she/he will operate in a relatively unstructured environment where they will have to collect, process and synthesize information. They should also have the ability to critically review this to enable strategic decision making.
  • Knowledge / Awareness of managerial techniques to build a strong culture of collaboration and collective problem solving among the city and national team members 
  • You have a proven track record of HNI Contacts, fundraising to promote charitable causes. Strong network of existing relationships with hospitals, universities, marathons.

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