Senior Scrum Master

Industry / Sector / Domain




Experience Range

8+ years

Company Profile

A leading insurance player in India

Job Profile

  • Applying the Scrum Framework in Scrum Teams
    • Applies Scrum Framework in cross-department program teams that deliver digital products(software) and end to end customer journey by creating a collaborative environment with multiple teams.
    • Sets strategic options in building Scrum Teams and leads events in implementing Scrum Framework in support of digital product (software) requirements.
  • Evolving the Agile Organization
    • Incorporates AMA (Agile Maturity Assessment) Matrix in creating Program Teams as a way of measure in efficiency of the Agile Strategy implementation.
    • Provides insights and standards of the right team dynamics among Agile Program Teams.
    • Defines the Scrum of Scrums (SoS) for Program teams in managing the Agile program processes, stakeholders and team members within the same digital product and Release Planning (Go or No Go).
  • Managing Products and Services with Agility
    • Guides Product Owner of Agile Program Teams to realize business value by working with stakeholders, customers, and UX in processing gathered data and creating a product backlog.
    • Sets the Definition of Ready (DOR) and Definition of Done (DOD) that should be in place in Agile Program teams of the organization.
    • Manages and ensures that Program Product Backlog is refined, prioritized, and has “Acceptance Criteria” that is clear for the development team, including risks and dependency management.
  • Developing and Delivering Digital Products (Software)
    • Directs Software Architects/Technical Leaders in planning and managing initiatives in an
    • Agile Program level to learn and implement Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD) Initiatives.
    • Guides Software Architects and Technical Leaders in removing impediments on a timely manner that will allow management of technical risks in an Agile Program level

Candidate Profile

  • Post Graduate with minimum 8 years/ Graduate with minimum 10 years of relevant experience with at least 5 years’ experience as a Scrum Master applying Scrum principles, practices, and theory
  • Technical Experience Necessary-
    • Scrum master certification from 1. PSM II (Professional Scrum Master II) and above from, or
    • Advanced Certified Scrum Master (ACSM) and above from Scrum alliance or
    • Any equivalent certification from credible institutions
  • Added advantage / preference-
    • PSM III
    • Agile coach certification from Scrum Alliance
    • Knowledge of other Agile approaches, e.g., XP, Kanban, Crystal, FDD, etc.
    • Awareness and experience with widely successful Agile techniques, e.g., User Stories, ATDD, TDD, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Pairing, Automated Testing, Agile Games
    • Understanding of Scaling frameworks such as LeSS 6. Worked on collaboration platforms like JIRA

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