Head of Sales

Industry / Sector / Domain

E-Commerce & Internet


Pune/ Bengaluru/ Mumbai

Experience Range

15+ years

Company Profile

A one-stop D2C E-Commerce platform

Job Profile

  • The Sales head will have a strong background in driving sales for technology or allied services to Indian brands (and MNCs selling in India).
  • He/She will have worked as a part of a team that drove sales from $1M ARR to the $10M ARR mark, having played a leadership role in that growth.
  • Should have a strong sense of the market and the challenges that brand leaders face in growth.
  • Should be very familiar with the offline as well as the marketplace landscape in India and can speak about the pros and cons of each channel.
  • Needs to be a big believer in, and evangelist for eCommerce and has the ability to relate real growth stories as an insider.
  • This should be a person who is looked at as a close confidante by our buyer – The owner of, or the CMO of a brand selling to Indian customers.
  • Should have a strong network among key players in the E-Commerce space including brand leaders.

Candidate Profile

  • The person should have an undergraduate degree where mathematics is a primary component (engineering, computer applications, statistics, economics, science, commerce, etc.) and an MBA from a leading institute in India (IIM, ISB).
  • The person should have 15 years or more of experience, is quantitative and analytical.
  • Has the ability to deal with customers who are both excited and nervous about making the move to E- Commerce
  • Is excited about getting their hands dirty, and has the leadership ability to hire and bring out the best out in their team as the sales organization grows.

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