VP Engineering

Industry / Sector / Domain




Experience Range

18+ years

Company Profile

A leading a leading electronics company that manufactures Electronic Control and Timing devices.

Value Creator

  • Experience in Product Development – hardware, firmware, software and industrial design
  • Develop the technical and product strategy to ensure dominant position in the market
  • Create an agile, start-up like culture of innovation in the development function and processes
  • Identify new technologies, make them accessible and integrate them into existing or new products
  • Take the initiative in thought leadership, innovation and creativity
  • Deliver 2 blockbuster product lines in the next 3 years

Business Operator

  • Program management and execution – ensure that the product vision is realised through excellence in execution.
  • Create processes for testing, reviews, documentation and project hand over
  • Participate in customer meetings and help sales win new business
  • Develop and monitor metrics to manage the department
  • Work in interdisciplinary manner with peers in other departments
  • Manage budgets and time frames

People Develeoper

  • Inspire new engineers to join the engineering organisation and help in sourcing/identification of such talent
  • Leading the team through management and mentorship
  • Manage closely the identified top talent and help them navigate the development journey
  • Provide focus to individual team members, report results and risks to management and respond to team needs

Candidate Profile:

  • 18+ years of experience into the Product development and working in electronics space
  • A people’s manager. Good people management sills
  • Business Acumen and strategic thinking
  • Outstanding interpersonal, leadership and communication skills
  • Go – Getter attitude with technological and complex project management skills
  • Research Mindset
  • M.Tech with MBA preferred

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