Lead Marketing

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Experience Range

4-8 years

Company Profile

One of the leading Education Technology companies in India

Job Profile

  • Spotting Issues: Accurately reads and interprets a dynamic environment. Anticipates emerging trends through key insights and responds decisively, acting on issues and opportunities 
  • Rigor: Identifies the important issues and works through complex problems in an accurate and in-depth way. Gauges the level of analysis required and applies logic and intuition,as appropriate, to decision making
  • Framing: Sees, and helps others see the context and bigger picture through questioning, imagination and vision. Identifies themes and makes connections that create clarity and make the complex simple 
  • Aspiration: Wants to have a positive impact on the world around them. Has a clear aspiration of what can be achieved and a real desire to make it happen 
  • Initiative: Balances caution and courage to get things done. Willing to operate outside their comfort zone as well as challenge others. Creates his/her own future and takes responsibility for their personal and collective goals 
  • Self-Assurance: Deep seated belief in his/her ability to achieve goals even in uncertain, ambitious and testing situations. Strong emotional resilience based on the ability to do more and bounce back from setbacks and constraints 
  • Self–Awareness: Curious about one’s own personal awareness and demonstrates a commitment to personal growth. Recognizes own strengths and development areas and consciously plays to, balances and builds on them 
  • Environmental Radar: Ability to read and understand different people and situations then modify and adjust own strategy and approach accordingly. Individual knows how to get things done in the organization 
  • Range of Influence: Effectively lands messages with different people and groups with high

Candidate Profile

  • Should be a graduate from a credited/top B-School
  • Strategic Mindset along with Strong Operational Presence 
  • Maturity and Business Knowledge
  • Ability to handle large teams – will be leading 100 interns in addition to 30-40 people on payroll
  • Excellent Stakeholder Management skills – will be required to handle internal as well as external stakeholders
  • Proficient in driving day-to-day operations, contribute to planning, coordinating with the tech teams along with tech interventions
  • Hands-on experience in Google Partnerships, Onboarding Schools and lead generations

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