Senior Release Manager

Industry / Sector / Domain

Technology & Communications



Experience Range

8+ years

Company Profile

A leading computer network company

Job Profile

  • Develop an automated, continuous, build process that reviews the source code, identifies build errors and notifies appropriate parties to expedite/facilitate synchronization to the latest build.
  • Improve productivity by designing & developing full-featured build systems; implementing tools and scripts that enable efficient, flexible builds
  • Integrate the build system to the bug tracking system (JIRA)
  • Develop an efficient deployment process for AWS cloud

Candidate Profile:

  • Experience with revision control tools such as Git
  • Experience with automated build tools such as Jenkins
  • Experience with build release and configuration management practices, including branch-based development and patch/merging oriented work flow.
  • Strong scripting and automation experience in Python, bash, Ruby or similar language.
  • Experience in designing and developing test automation scripts..

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