Decoding Talent in E-Commerce Report 2021




The coronavirus pandemic has unimaginably fuelled E-commerce as ‘staying in’ became the new ‘going out’. Amazon Business saw a 50-60% increase in registrations by small businesses after the lockdown restrictions were eased post two months. Several reports suggest that the current pandemic situation can uplift India’s E-commerce market by threefold to around $85 Billion by 2024.

This boom will lead to the need for an adequately equipped workforce. While it is common knowledge that tech skills are becoming highly sought after, combining specific roles and skills needed for the e-commerce sector as a framework may be difficult.

Our E-commerce report has been curated to concisely present a synthesis of information about the following-
– The top 10 functions or roles in-demand
– The top skills that employers look for when hiring for each position
– Demand trends driving the marketplace
– Median compensation for different roles by level of seniority

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