Engineering & Capital Goods Industry: Insights into Human Capital & Locations 2022




Our world has changed rapidly in the recent years. Businesses have been forced to reimagine themselves. As companies globally reorganize themselves looking for growing markets, stability; reliability in their supply chains; efficiency in operations and workforce, new opportunities emerge.

A promising opportunity for global companies lies in India which uniquely offers both a large and growing demand, and a Engineering & Capital Goods base for the globe, beyond just APAC. A democratic India offers an alter In-State to China, as the world loses confidence in China’s economy, governance, and geo-political intentions. With many marquee companies already running large manufacturing operations in India, it is not a leap of faith but a logical destination to achieve the manufacturing imperatives of scale, efficiency and quality.

The objective of this report is to provide executives from the Engineering & Capital Goods industry anywhere in the globe, very relevant information which will help them: 

  • Quantify cost and skill advantages in human resources that India offers
  • Select the right manufacturing destination within India based on their individual context
  • Obtain human resources and related data for business planning

This is the most comprehensive report on the Engineering & Capital Goods industry, which covers the various sub-sectors such as heavy electricals, light engineering & machine tools, light electricals and heavy engineering in great detail. The workforce insights and compensation benchmarking will provide unparalleled insights across all business functions and seniority levels. I thank you for trusting us to provide this critical human capital related information. We hope you are successful in your journey, of expanding or investing in your manufacturing base in India. Stay safe. Stay strong. Make in India.

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