Which City Next? 2022: Factors Determining Tech Talent’s Migration In India




Organisations have grappled with yet another year in 2021, where their workforces were forced to operate remotely.
Digital transformation has become the lifeline for all organisations to sustain, collaborate and innovate. The pandemic has taught many lessons which will endure for years to come in how organisations formulate their workforce plans.

It is imperative for firms of all sizes from small startups to large global MNCs to understand the locational characteristics and employee preferences. Our report comprises of insights collected through an extensive survey of 1200+ tech professionals. Apart from dissecting migration willingness, we also look deeply at the associated factors impacting this decision for techies today.

We hope our report provides insights to senior leadership to understand the current tech talent landscape from a
locational lens and enable them to decide on an ideal destination for their operations.

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