Workplace Lessons: Ascending through Talent in 2021

Editorial Team

‘Workplace Lessons: Ascending through Talent in 2021’ as a series aims to offer the HR community some advice and insights about India’s exciting Talent Landscape and emerging trends.

With the second wave of the pandemic hitting us, new trends are being created in Talent Acquisition for all. As the Workplace & Workforce dynamics undergo a drastic makeover, we at Catenon India had the privilege of talking to some esteemed HR Leaders of today. 

This video features –

  • Sarika Puri | AVP Talent Acquisition | Byju’s
  • Gaurav Chattur | Managing Director APAC | Catenon
  • Vinod Parur | CHRO | Nilkamal Limited
  • Ramya Sampath Sharma | Chief People Officer | GreyOrange
  • Arvind J | Global Head Human Resources- Commercial | DMI (Digital Management, LLC)


The questions that were explored as a part of our Workplace Lessons include-

  • The whole world went from a work from office to a WFH transition. What is it that your organization did differently that proved to be path breaking?
  • Tell us a bit about your leadership hiring strategy in 2019 vs 2020. Is it something different that you look for now that you didn’t necessarily do prior to the pandemic?
  • How have the learning needs changed and what is the learning focus for your organisation’s top leaders?
  • What has been the biggest organisational challenge that you have successfully managed to overcome in the pandemic period?
  • What are the skills that have become the most sought after as a result of the pandemic?

In the words of the HR Leaders


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